Built to deliver long-lasting reliability and backed by a reputation for excellent service and parts, the system is superior to other multi-feed blender systems because it features precision metering devices and an optimized control system for your fertilizer commodities (NPK). Once the blend formulation is sent to the blend system through AGI Plant Manager and Customer Agronomy or manually entered through an electronic keypad, the control system sends the rate information to the equipment controls, then continuously monitors the process to ensure precise, accurate blends.

Contact us for options and accessories available on our blend systems.

Metering device options
  • Rotary calve
  • High-capacity flat wire chain
  • Screw/auger feeder
  • Liquid impregnation systems available
  • Compatible with AGI’s precision Plant Manager automation software – accepts most agronomy software data inputs
  • Remote operation and system entry from iPad anywhere in the facility – even from inside a material end-loader


AGI Fertilizer Systems - Declining Weight

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