Typically used for monitoring belt trippers and other moveable devices that are not easily cabled. The system can also be used to extend the network between buildings and grain bins or where cabling is impractical.

The system is designed to extend the network for the mBC081 (retired), mBC082, and mBC083 Bus Converters. The system is housed in a Class II, Group G, Divisions 1 & 2 hazardous locations enclosure and can be mounted in a hazardous area. The system has an optional DC generator to provide power on trippers and other off grid equipment.

When to use AGI CMC’s Wireless Network Extender Radio System:

At AGI CMC we take a pragmatic approach to wireless monitoring.

We have many years of experience and numerous successful wireless installations in the field but will only ever recommend the installation and use of our wireless radios in situations where it is absolutely necessary, such as mobile tripper or conveyor applications.

We do not recommend the use of wireless monitoring as a standard for general hazard monitoring applications. There is no discernible cost benefit when compared to hard wiring a typical AGI CMC single wire network. Additional issues with bandwidth and battery lifespan should also be considered when applying a wireless solution.

The Network Extender Radio is a key component in a wireless condition monitoring system for monitoring mobile devices or to extend the AGI CMC’s HazMon network between buildings or where cabling is impractical or expensive.

When you need assistance planning your next hazard monitoring system, contact AGI CMC for objective advice on both wired and wireless technology that puts your needs first.



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