Vibration monitoring equipment plays a critical part in any condition-based monitoring program and AGI CMC provides a simple, easy to install vibration monitoring system.

The sensor can detect both low and middle frequency RMS vibration and high frequency high velocity vibration.

The high frequency algorithm is specifically tuned for high frequency vibration condition monitoring, detecting high velocity movements that are indicators of imminent bearing failure. The sensor can provide either value as a process signal or can provide both over a single address by multiplying the signals.

Our system sensors integrate a state of the art micro-machined silicon accelerometer combined with a high performance microcontroller.  It provides 2 baseline values to monitor the overall condition of your equipment.

Typically used on bearings on fans, blowers, hammer-mills, and conveyors to provide early warning of impending problems.This allows for machines to be shut down for maintenance or repair before a catastrophic breakdown can occur.

Understanding the mVM001 Vibration Monitoring System

  • 6’ (2m) of durable UL 2517 TPE cable with UV protection
  • Potted construction for mounting in harsh environments
  • Intrinsically Safe when used with the mBC083 Bus Converter
  • 1/2” female conduit fitting for attachment of metallic or non-metallic conduit systems
  • The sensor can detect both low and middle frequency RMS vibration as well as high frequency high velocity vibration
  • Industry standard 1/4” x 28NF mounting system
  • Provides RMS velocity, peak velocity or both
  • Accelerations up to ± 20g’s and 4 KHz can be detected
  • Update rate of 1 second
  • LED indicator for power on/communications
  • No calibration is required
  • The device connects to CMC’s Single wire, Digital IS Network using the attached 2m (6’) cable and RJ-11 connector
  • Power is derived from the Single wire, Digital Network and external power is not required



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