The sensor is available in 4” and 6” standard lengths.

Other custom sensor probe lengths are also available. Consult factory for availability, price, and lead time.

The sensor is accurate to 0.5°C over the –10°C to +85°C (14°F to 185°F) temperature range, and usable from –67°F to +257°F (-55°C to +125°C).

The mTS012 sensor’s recommended operating range is -40°F to +225°F (-40°C to +105°C) and it is rated as Intrinsically Safe when used with the mBC083 Bus Converter.

Straightforward to install in the field with no calibration required.

Typically this style of temperature sensor would be used on bearings, gearboxes, motors and fans as part of a condition-based machine temperature monitoring system.

Typical Applications include temperature sensing on bearings, motors and other general industrial equipment applications.

Understanding the mTS012-4 Intrinsically Safe Temperature Sensor Probe Style

  • 1/4” Stainless steel tube sealed at one end
  • The temperature sensor uses a single-wire data communications bus
  • Up to 32 sensors can be connected in parallel to a single Bus Converter
  • The sensor bus has a fully specified cabling system complete with terminal assembles and uses low cost CAT5 cabling and punch-down blocks for easy termination.
  • 4” (model mTS012-4) and 6” (model mTS012-6) standard
  • 6’ (2m) of durable UL 2517 TPE cable with UV protection
  • Intrinsically Safe when used with the mBC083 Bus Converter
  • Each sensor has a unique permanent digital address
  • RJ11 modular jack for easy connection to CMC Field Interconnect Box (FIB)
  • No calibration required



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