Commercial grain storage systems are no place for compromise. That’s why we use 2.66″ (6.76 cm) corrugation on every sidewall sheet—every one. It’s best for hoop load, wind load and is performance proven over the years. This corrugation specification provides more steel per square inch when compared to wider corrugation of the same thickness—and that matters when you have tons of grain inside the bin.


Stiffeners provide integrity and optimal strength for the high eave heights typical of commercial grain storage bins. The stiffeners carry the vertical load, allowing the sidewall to account for hoop load. Choice of two or three stiffeners per sidewall panel provide optimal strength and stability depending on capacity and application. Stiffeners are easily mounted either externally or internally depending upon customer preference.

All stiffeners are G-115 (Z350) galvanized to provide 27% longer life.

Stiffeners are available from 2 to 18 gauge to meet the demands of bins up to 135 ft. (41.15 m) diameter.

Stiffeners Key Features

Design Details

When it comes to protecting grain and people, details matter.


  • Two ring door is available on 15 ft. through 135 ft. (4.6 m to 41.15 m) diameter bins.
  • One ring door in sidewall provides full and easy access regardless of door option selected.
  • Optional skid steer door with roomy 7 ft. x 7 ft. (2.1 m x 2.1 m) opening is available on bins of 72 ft. to 135 ft. (21.9 m to 41.15 m) diameter.



  • Grade 8.2 bin bolts are used throughout to ensure strength and stability. Roofs use 5/16″ (0.79 cm) bolts and sidewalls use 3/8″ (0.95 cm) bolts.
  • Top-quality fasteners feature JS1000 plating system, SAE Grade 8.2 for maximum shear capacity as well as industry-standard washers to seal the bolt to the sidewall.



AGI bin floors are available in a wide variety of styles to match the application, storage system and customer preference.

  • Long-lasting galvanized construction coupled with state-of-the-art design and manufacturing makes for a bin floor that stands up to use and abuse under the most challenging conditions.
  • Floors can be manufactured to any diameter, which makes an MFS floor available on our bins—plus any other brand of bin.
  • 16-gauge floor option is the heaviest specification available in the industry. MFS also offers the widest variety of gauges in the industry—providing even more assurance that the construction matches the challenge.
  • Built-in crown on planks prevents sagging and provides additional strength. Slotted design offers strength and economy.
  • Built-in corrugation on planks increases strength and rigidity. Round perforation (0.093″) design is smooth and easy to sweep.
  • Small perforation (0.050″) floor planks are ideal for use in storing small grains such as canola. Smooth surface facilitates easy clean-out.



AGI supports are available in either galvanized or welded styles, providing a choice for customers.

  • Supports come in multiple heights to accommodate different sizes of bin unloading systems and fan transitions for optimum performance.
  • Locking tabs on galvanized supports lock into place during assembly. 17 gauge galvanization provides strength and dependability.
  • Powder-coated welded design resists rust and lasts longer than non-painted supports. Facilitates easy installation.



  • Choice of high back or low back flashing works for both new bin installation or retrofits.
  • Multi-rib design adds strength and durability. Also provides traction for sweep augers.
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