Bucket Elevators


Selecting an appropriate YORK bucket elevator to fit a particular application depends on many factors. Some considerations include:

  • What type of environment will the equipment be operating in? Is it highly corrosive?
  • What type of material will the equipment be handling?
  • What capacity is required compared to the capacity of upstream and downstream equipment?
  • What height and distance changes are required to move the product?
  • What are the future expansion plans for the overall operation?
  • What is the estimate daily usage for the equipment?
  • What power supply will be available?

The correct YORK bucket elevator for your application can typically be selected from the list of standard YORK models. However, for many special applications, product designs may need to be developed or altered.


Key features:

  • Choice of construction including powder coat, galvanized or stainless steel
  • Low impact teardrop design heads
  • Bolt-together head and boot design
  • Full fixtured 12 Gauge welded leg casing standard; 10 Gauge optional
  • 10′ inspection sections with multiple visual door locations and with removable front and back panels for ease in maintenance
  • Range of capacities from 1,000 BPH to 25,000 BPH standard; Up to 60,000 BPH on request
  • Drum head pulley with replaceable slide lagging standard
  • PVC leg belt standard; (SOR) rubber belt optional
  • High density polyethylene buckets; Maxi-Lift standard and other brands available
  • Right-hand drive standard; Left-hand optional
  • Multiple head lining options including urethane lined, ceramic chip urethane lined and ceramic tile lined
  • User-friendly galvanized platforms that meet OSHA standards: Oversized work platform; L-shaped distributor platform; Rest platforms
  • Galvanized ladder and safety cage
  • Screw take-up standard; Optional gravity take-up available
  • Capacity calculations based upon water level + 10% for standard buckets; Water level + 5% for low profile buckets
  • Pre-positioned bolt-on inlet hopper on up-leg side
  • Leg casing explosion vents optional
  • Leg casings staged to match Brownie towers; Optional guying kits available

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