Diverter Valves Diverter Valves


Product at a Glance
Diverter valves - Two way Valves - are used to divert a flow of material between alternate conveying paths.

Product Applications
VIS has two lines of diverter valve, synchronized dual gates and flop style. The flop style valves are used in a wide range of applications and are suitable for most feed, grain and fertilizer systems. Synchronized Dual Gate valves are a more robust valve typically used in high throughput grain handling systems.

VIS Advantage
VIS Diverter Valves are engineered to prevent leakage of material and for smooth high cycle operation. Stainless steel is used extensively for the corrosive environment of fertilizer.


  • Flop Valve Standard sizes up to 16″
  • Synchronized Valve Standard sizes up to 30″
  • Available with manual, electric, pneumatic and hydraulic operators
  • Heavy duty and racks and pinion gears on manual and electric synchronized models
  • High quality position switches
  • Heavy duty mild steel construction


  • Stainless Steel construction
  • Custom Sizes available

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