Twin Shaft Mixer


Why use a SABE Twin Shaft mixer? 

  • Very short mixing time in the order of 10 to 60 seconds depending on the type of component.
  • No segregation during the mixing phase.
  • Ideal for mixes containing products with different gradings and densities.
  • Very low coefficients of variation, <5%.
  • Liquid injection in the fluidisation zone.
  • Particle fluidisation in the mixing zone. Ideal for fragile products.
  • Low peripheral blade speed.
  • High hourly production using a reduced size machine.
  • No segregation.
  • Very low installed power per tonne.
  • No segregation during emptying due to the very short emptying time: < 10 seconds.
  • No product heating or shearing.
  • High variation of batch sizes on the same machine, 25% to 140%.


The advantages of the SABE Biromix: 

  • Large sized 60° emptying door to minimise retention and provide very fast emptying (reduced cycle times).
  • Increased leak tightness for very finely graded products. Leak tightness using a gland and optional air blowing.
  • Large sized plumber block and offset seal tightness system.
  • Over-sized rotor shaft.
  • Rounded tank design to minimise product retention inside it.
  • Easy to clean


The mixer options: 

  • Steel or stainless steel construction with different internal and external finishes
  • Construction in a vacuum
  • Value: -200mbar
  • Coating
  • Atex (construction and safety)


Examples of applications:

  • Animal Feed
  • Pet food
  • Human food
  • Chemicals
  • Minerals
  • Pharmaceutical


Filling rate from 25% to 140%