Mixed Flow Grain Dryer

The right dryer for higher profits.

  • Screenless operation. No wasted time or money constantly unplugging screens
  • Average of 1-2 pounds heavier test weight per bushel than screen dryers. Savings that add up!
  • Computerized moisture control prevents over-drying. Save up to 9-cents per bushel!
  • Remote monitoring eliminates the time and expense of “dryer-watching”.
  • Effectively dries all types of grain. The only dryer you’ll ever need.
  • At 60-70 decibels, NECO’s mixed flow grain dryer is nearly 50-percent quieter than axial fans.


  • Mixed Flow Quality - Mixed flow operations provides even heating and cooling to preserve grain quality
  • Screenless - No screens to clean, clog or change!
  • Quiet & Efficient - Forward curved blower for substantially less noise and improved air flow
  • Effective for all grains - Innovative design is ideal for all crops, including rape seed, barley, wheat, rice and sunflower
  • Safety you can count on - Flame safety relay and ignition accuracy
  • Flexible operations - Multiple burners and blowers offer flexible drying options
  • Modular designs - Easy to install with the capability to be expanded and customized to suit your needs as your business grows
  • Commander PLC Control - Touch screen PLC with dual moisture sensing, tracking and graphing capabilities and alarm and troubleshooting assistance pages
  • COMMANDNet - Optional remote dryer management provides web connectivity for total control of your dryer wherever you are for total peace of mind

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Product Disclaimer: 

  • Drying capacities represent NECO’s best estimate of attainable wet bushel capacities based on a combination of actual field results and computer analysis
  • Capacities will vary depending on outside temperature, humidity, initial grain temperature, crop maturity and variety, cleanliness of the grain, test weight, operating temperature, drying vs. cooling zones, etc
  • Hot grain discharged from the dryer will dry an additional 1.5% - 2% when properly cooled
  • Fill height listed is for a dryer with a 48" standard leg kit