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For over 60 years, NECO has specialized in agricultural equipment engineering and manufacturing. NECO produces market leading grain dryers and aeration equipment for on-farm and commercial applications worldwide. NECO is market led and engineering and manufacturing driven. This ensures that our customers have the most current product today and valuable solutions for the future.

NECO offers two fan options for high quality aeration in your storage system: Centrifugal and Axial. They are designed for longevity ensuring simple, quiet, smooth operation.

For on-farm or commercial operations, NECO provides centrifugal, axial and low-temperature heating options.

NECO Axial Fans have agricultural-duty motors, provide high airflow at low static pressure for long life and are available in models from 12-inch to 28-inch.
Plug directly into 24” and 28” NECO axial fans. Made of a galvanized construction, they are plumbed and wired for connection to fan and fuel utilizing a Venturi burner for maximum efficiency.
NECO Centrifugal Fans are quiet and efficient with Venturi inlet cones for improved airflow. The bolted design eliminates welded seams and provide dynamically balanced, continuously welded airfoil.
Plug directly into NECO centrifugal fans with easily adjustable brackets. Made of a galvanized construction, two viewpoints for spark and flame inspection and Y-Strainers keep fuel impurities out of valves.

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