Flow Controller


The AGI Milltec flow controller assures the best possible performance combined with a user-friendly operation and installation. This machine automatically measures discharged products. The flow controller also continuously measures flow rates, generates reports, and stores the data of the throughput of the product periodically. During its working, it displays the actual flow rate, total flow rate from the previous reset time along with other parameters on the screen.

AGI Milltec Advantages

  • Plant Productivity can be monitored without dependency on man power
  • PLC (programmable logic controller)controlled automation system for accurate results
  • Flow rate can be controlled as per requirement.
  • Data can be stored in HD using LAN & pen drive port
  • Simple calibration process
  • Touch screen Color HMI (Human Machine Interface) for each data input
  • Data monitoring & controlling via PC (Optional)


  1. Rough and fine feeder chamber
  2. Pneumatic cylinder for rough feeder
  3. Control box
  4. Anti-vibration pad
  5. Pneumatic cylinders
  6. Weighing bin
  7. Load cell
  8. Main structure