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Color Sorter – Color Sorting Solutions

The AGI MILLTEC Color Sorter uses technology and lighting to remove impure grains from the input on the basis of their color, rather than on the basis of their length or weight. Our color sorting machines are equipped with several features such as auto sorting control systems, image capturing systems capable of storing up to 200 profiles to enable our customers to alter settings to suit their specifications, and a quality ejector system to monitor the quality of the output. The usage of anodized chutes for the passage of input grains prevents the blockage of the system, ensuring the smooth flow of grain.

Our color sorters are available in the range of 3 TPH to 12 TPH. These sorting machines are precise and integrated with level control systems, capacitive sensors, touchscreen interface, cabinet cooling vertex system, and remote servicing via internet and controlled by microprocessor. AGI MILLTEC color sorters are accurate and efficient with an excellent sorting capability for all kinds of grains.

MILLTEC Tray Separator can efficiently separate paddy and brown rice by its differential density. The separated products are discharged via three outlets for brown rice, paddy and a mixture of paddy and rice.
MILLTEC's Rotary Sifter, specifically designed for rice, has a wedge clamping mechanism for better sieve frame clamping & positive leak-proof which enhances performance.
With the MILLTEC Thickness Grader, the material is processed through revolving cylindrical screens that are efficient for separating admixture of oversized or undersized grains.
Specially Designed of Exports Segment with Snipper Technology 3.0
Value for Money Color Sorting Solution with Snipper Technology 3.0 and Shape Sorting Feature
Ultra Premium Color Sorting Solution with Reverse and Size Sorting Features