Portable Mass-ter Mover


The Mass-ter® Mover line is Mayrath’s answer to the en-masse conveying system. Engineered into each component are top performance, long life, and reliability with minimum maintenance.

  • Requires less horsepower than screw conveyor systems
  • En-masse (grain-moving-grain) concept is gentler on grain at high capacities and needs less maintenance than traditional conveying systems
  • UHMW (Unique Ultra High Molecular Weight) paddle is designed to keep grain flowing gently and evenly from inlet to discharge

Key features

  • Mass-ter Mover Unique Chain and Paddle Design - The unique shape of the tough Ultra High Molecular Weight (UHMW) paddles maintain full chamber movement of grain… without fall-back. The open centers of the paddles provide relief when starting under a partial load. The square paddle propulsion system requires less horsepower, with up to 30% energy savings.
  • The PTO drive provides a sheer mechanism into the PTO driveline for superior component protection
  • Electric drive arrangement shown with optional 12 (30.5 cm) inlet hopper extension
  • Hydraulic Winch System - The hydraulic winch that is standard on longer units provides a smooth, dependable method to raise and lower the conveyor. An optional electric is available for selected lengths.
  • Expandable Axle - Available on models 85 –80’ and 90’ units, the expandable axle provides stability and a more convenient transport width.