Portable Grain Pumps

  • UHMW (Unique Ultra High Molecular Weight) paddle is designed to keep grain flowing gently and evenly from inlet to discharge
  • Requires less horsepower than air systems
  • En-masse (grain-moving-grain) concept is gentler on grain at high capacities and needs less maintenance than traditional conveying systems
  • Significant reduction in grain damage when compared to traditional conveying systems

Key features

  • Head Chain Adjustment - Threaded rods on each side of the head allows easy conveyor chain adjustment. Optional discharge 90° spout shown
  • Heavy-Duty Winch System - Hydraulic, electric and hand winches are available. All winches are ordered separately.
  • Gently Handles a Wide Variety of Grains
  • Heavy-Duty Enclosed Gear Box - Rigorous gear reducer boot drive furnishes reliable power for driving machine. Shown with PTO drive.