Top Drive Augers


6”, 8” & 10” Top Drive Augers

  • 8" & 10" top drive augers are available in durable, corrosion-resistant tubular housing or power-coat red finish. 6” models are galvanized only.
  • The A-frame undercarriage and wide wheelbase design are constructed from high-strength steel for greater stability during operation or when being towed
  • Increased towing capability with tapered roller bearing hubs
  • Manual or labor-saving hydraulic and electric winch options

Additional options:

  • Intermediate flight bearings on all models
  • In-Line Style Intake Guard

Key Features

  • Choose between PTO (shown), electric or gas drives. The PTO drive can be driven from either side of the auger. A shear mechanism is incorporated into the PTO driveline for component protection. A bond-on support provides a convenient method to carry the driveline during transport
  • The auger intake design provides maximum capacity. Heavy-duty flighting maximizes screw lift
  • Sealed oil bath drive provides constant self-lubrication, adding years of life to the drive chain and sprockets. All drivelines are solid steel and supported by low maintenance sealed bearings.

13” Top Drive Augers

  • PTO or electric drive options incorporate oil lubricated gear drive
  • 12-gauge housing with ¼” flight
  • Intake guard with hitch
  • Winch options include manual (36’ and 52’ only) hydraulic or electric
  • 82’ model incorporates adjustable axle width for transport
  • Flex bin hopper for 36’
  • Metal folding hopper kit
  • Tapered hopper kit
  • Pit auger optional intake

Key features

  • Double Oil Bath Gearbox Head Drive
  • Electric Drive Option
  • PTO Drive Option
  • Intake with jack with Tapered Hopper Kit

Accessible Accessories

  • Flex Bin Hopper
  • Standard Hopper - Cost effective way to create a dump hopper for your portable augers
  • Metal Inlet Hopper - Convenient option for providing a small dump hopper accessory for your portable augers. Great for use with 25 Degree Bin Unloaders and eliminate the hassle of moving around plastic hoppers.
  • Steel Caster Kit - Designed to easily move augers back and forth from semi-stationary applications on hard or concrete ground. Eliminates the need for tractors or heavier machinery to move.
  • Large Plastic Hopper - Cost effective way to create a dump hopper for your portable augers