Bulk Chem Way

You’re in Control with Unrivaled Accuracy

If you’re looking for weighing accuracy, look no further than the Bulk Chem Way from Junge. The Chem Way accurately measures liquids by weight, compensating for changing product density and producing the most accurate weigh.

With the Chem Way, you can convert dry flowables into liquid premix to blend with water or liquid fertilizer. The Chem Way handles bulk liquids, bulk dry, mini bulk liquids, liquid package goods, dry flowables and micro ingredients.

Save Time and Money
Make your operation more efficient by bulk weighing your chemicals. With the Bulk Chem Way, you only have one measuring system to maintain, rather than one per chemical, which is more cost-effective for you.

Bulk Chem Way Features

  • 125-gallon stainless steel tank (135-gallon overflow); also available in 250- and 40-gallon options
  • 40” wide x 86” deep x 59” tall
  • Three-HP pump
  • Capability to handle up to 20 ingredients
  • Rinse-out system to minimize risk of cross contamination
  • Weight brackets for testing weights
  • Recycle/load-out pump and three-way auto valve
  • Scale system accurate to one-pound increments
  • Mounted solenoid/junction box
  • High-level float for emergency shut-off
  • Air blow flush system
  • Low profile for adding products by hand
  • Manual override remote control panel

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