Agricultural Control

The agriculture industry continues to grow and change. Are you growing and adapting with it?

Technology is helping agriculture become a more efficient industry, with more automation and fewer human errors. Automation from Junge can give you the control to spend less time in the shop and more time in the field.

Junge Control started in the agriculture industry—back in 1979—and we continue to develop and build solutions that help people like you save time and money.

Blend Fuel with Efficiency

If you’re blending fuel by hand, manually or without complete automation, you’re losing time, product and money. Junge provides fuel-blending solutions that reduce errors, provide pinpoint accuracy and keep your operation running smoothly.

We have solutions for blending operations of any size. Whether you need help with two-product blends, additives or more complex compositions, Junge has a solution or you.

We design and manufacture each of our products with you in mind. Contact us to discuss how a system from Junge can streamline your process.

An around-the-clock assistant that allows you to load trucks with preprogrammed, automated loads.
Accurately measures liquids by weight, compensating for changing product density and producing the most accurate weigh. Convert dry flowables into liquid premix to blend with water or liquid fertilizer.
Control your measurements down to a tenth of a pound with Junge Control’s Micro Way. Weigh small units with complete confidence and full integration into your database system.
Converts your manual meter system into an automated system to save time and reduce errors.
Measure actuals rather than targets so you’re in control of your inventory. Reduce shrinkage and increase profits at your facility. No guesswork. Be confident in the accuracy of your loads and records.
Optimize your liquid mixplant with one of Junge’s liquid automation solutions: Microautomation, Retrofit liquid blender, Metered liquids, Automated micros
Configure your liquid blend facility by using our standard metering components.
Eliminate the need for multiple expensive tanks and condense your fuel production process with Junge Control’s Fuel Manager.
Take control of your two-product blends with the Bio Blender, a fuel management system that acts as a biodiesel calculator.
Blend fuel and additives with ease and accuracy with the Fuel Injector.
Our aerial solutions make measuring, blending and recording activities faster, easier and more accurate—saving you valuable time and money.