Process Design Engineering

  • Specialists in Design-Build projects
  • Experts in process evaluation and improvements
  • Excellent knowledge of utility based systems – Steam, Glycol
  • Design, process and layout drawings – AutoCADTM, SolidWorksTM
  • Feasibility analysis to provide insight into operating efficiencies, product yields, energy and waste management

Autocad Process and Layout Drawings

  • Provide process P&ID drawings
  • Provide equipment layouts for both existing and new facilities
  • Provide Equipment Fabrication and Assembly Drawings

Solidworks 3D Equipment Layout Drawings

  • Provide pre-fabricated equipment skid drawings
  • Provide 3D piping, ducting and room layouts

Automation Controls

  • Control narrative generation
  • Process sequencing charts
  • Detailed P&ID process designs
  • Strong knowledge of instrumentation and application
  • Successfully completed over 20 projects designing and installing machine guarding that conforms to CSA requirements

Project Management

  • Act as system integrators bringing together all contractors, vendors and liaison with plant personnel
  • Provide seamless detailed design, and installation drawings
  • Provide supervision, and project management

Commissioning & Training

  • On site during start-up to ensure that equipment performance is consistent with design
  • Train operators on new machinery
  • Ensure all critical technical documentation is available for maintenance

Automated CIP Systems

  • Design fully automated CIP Systems
  • Customize to user requirements, and vary from single tank to multi-tank systems with chemical or rinse water recovery

Batch and Continuous Blending Processing

  • Design accurate batching / mixing systems
  • Continuous blending systems based on mass flow / static mixer combinations

Energy Analysis and Auditing

  • Perform industrial energy audits to help reduce overall production costs
  • Process related energy reductions may be retrofitted to existing plants or designed into processes

Ingredient Handling

Liquid Ingredient Receiving, Bulk Storage and Transfer:

  • Design of complete liquid handling systems for difficult fluids
  • Systems may include complete CIP capability as well as pipe jacketing or heat tracing

Flammable Ingredient Handling and Storage:

  • Design of complete code-compliant liquid handling systems for flammable fluids

Modular Skids

  • Design and fabrication of modular special-purpose process skid assemblies
  • Modules are fully automated
  • Includes on-site commissioning and training

Product Heating and Cooling Systems

  • Design product heating systems using steam or hot water
  • Design product cooling systems using secondary coolants such as glycol or chilled water
  • Systems may incorporate shell and tube, plate, or scraped surface heat exchangers

Safety Guarding for Existing Equipment

  • Design, fabrication and installation of retrofitted guarding systems
  • Systems are electrically interlocked and conform to CSA requirements

Special Interest Areas

  • Liquid Nitrogen delivery
  • CO2 and Ozone exhaust
  • Special purpose conditioned air supply for coating operations