Hi-Flow Sweep


Zero-bin entry with no electric motors in the bin.

Hutchinson’s Hi-Flow is engineered for use in the industry’s largest bins. The 16” model has a capacity of  10,000 B/Hr (270MT/Hr) and features such as a long wearing ¼” flight standard, sturdy 3 - ¼” flight core and a heavy duty backboard designed to handle the grain weight without deforming.

The Hi-Flow also features controls affixed to the exterior of the bin. Therefore, the zero-entry controls eliminate any need for bin entry during operation.

The Motor Assembly to be located below the bin floor, rather than in the grain, to provide an added safety feature within the Bin Sweep system and can be accessed from the reclaim tunnel at any time.

The Hi-Flow backboard contains a 5/8” rubber scraper and adjustable front and rear wheels to provide adjustment to uneven floors.

The Track Drive system assures forward and reverse operation which completely eliminates drive wheel spinning or climbing in grain piles.