Two-way Discharge Valve Accessory Two-way Discharge Valve Accessory


Designed based upon the product trajectory of your specific conveyor, our two-way flop valves allow you to discharge product into two separate spouts utilizing minimal height. Unlike a conventional two-way valve positioned under the conveyor discharge, our valve is a part of the discharge. The individual output spouts can be designed to meet your specific spouting dimensions and angles.

Available Features (Many of which come standard on all two-way valves):

  • Electric actuator with DPDT limit switches prewired to a common junction box
  • External limit switches for positive valve positioning
  • Urethane or ceramic lined impact and wear areas
  • The two-way valve incorporates replaceable AR side liners and an adjustable felt seal to prevent product leakage
  • The two-way valve pivot is supported using independent stub shafts, bearings, and shear pins to prevent valve damage
  • Large removable access panel to allow for valve inspection or replacement

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