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Automatic System

Protect your cereals with AGI FRAME's range of Temperature Sensing Systems.

Portable/hand-held, micro-processor controlled wall mounted and PC based temperature indication systems manufactured to ATEX standard are manufactured to suit FRAME FP and FC silos.


Manual System

  • Capable of providing temperature sensor information, the portable or hand held indicator unit is a simple system that collects data directly from the temperature probes.
  • Simply plug into sockets mounted on the silo wall which are connected to the probe installed within the silo and read the temperature.
  • Suitable for a smaller and diameter silos.
  • Measuring the temperature inside the silo helps to store the grain under optimal conditions.


Thermo-Control System

  • This electronic micro-processor control power unit display system is used together with probe stp to measure the temperature inside silos in order to prevent overheating of the product or unnecessary recycle / ventilation.
  • Sturdy construction equipment that provides secure expectations, particularly for small storage facilities.
  • The principle of operation is based on the detection by sensors placed at various points along the probe, on average every 3 meters.
  • The Thermometric Systems are designed in compliance with the Essential Safety Requirements applicable to them.
  • Used to maintain the temperature of a system by controlling when to turn the heater on and off.
  • Ambient temperature: min. – 20 ° C, max. + 70 ° C.


Automatic System

  • This PC based temperature indication system is suitable for larger silo projects with a number of features to ensure the safety of cereals whilst in storage.
  • Multiple sensor probes are connected to the MUX unit and communicates to the PC via RS485 serial bus (cable or wireless).
  • Each silo probe is scanned and shows the temperature on the screen with silo scrolling.
  • Thanks to this system, it is possible to continuously monitor the entire plant's temperature, the trend curves, the product level, the alarm's high temperature setting, and the ability to print all data.
  • The device is offered with a large and clear display.
  • The continuous monitoring system of the stored material in the silos provides a completely safe storing to ensure quality.
  • Depending on the configuration, it is possible to read humidity, power on the aeration fan, or an audible alarm by relay.

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