Roof-Top Grain Drying System


The original time-tested overhead grain drying and storage system. Now made even better.

EZEE-DRY is the industry’s first-ever roof-top grain drying system. This innovative, time-tested approach to grain drying and storage is now even better thanks to innovations in technology, engineering and manufacturing.

Essentially, EZEE-DRY puts a grain dryer in the top of a grain bin—combining a drying bin, cooling bin and storage bin all in one! As the grain dries, it is dumped into the storage area below. So your drying system doubles as a storage bin as well! You don’t have to wrestle with a portable grain dryer.

Simply one of the most cost-efficient ways to add grain drying to your operation:

  • Low start-up and initial cost allows you to add grain drying capability to your farm easily and affordably.
  • Simple and efficient to operate with few moving parts. Simple operation makes the system easy to learn and use—and easy to remember from season to season.
  • Expandable system allows EZEE-DRY to grow with your farming operation—and larger systems.
  • The industry’s highest-rated roof system adds strength, service life and confidence to your EZEE-DRY system.
  • Low maintenance costs keep your operating costs manageable and reduce investment in replacement and repairs.
  • Your choice of batch or continuous flow system to match your grain volume, handling and drying demands.
  • State-of-the-art controls, sensors and switches that provide accurate and reliable operation.
  • G-115 galvanization used throughout, providing up to 27% longer life than competitors who settle for G-90. This is especially important given the hot, moist environment inside the bin.
  • A wide range of options and accessories that add capability, safety and accessibility to your EZEE-DRY system.
  • Unmatched service and support from a local dealer you trust.

Ezee-Dry® MP+ Roof Systems

The MP+ Roof System offers strength and protection that are the best in the business. You get maximum grain protection, superior strength and reliability that are simply unmatched by any other non-structured roof. Why pay more for a structured roof when you can get a high-performance, industry-leading roof system for less?

  • Highest load ratings for wind and snow in the industry, for non-structured roofs.
  • Meets IBC 2011 and ASCE 7-2010 building codes—the only bin roof system in the industry that does!
  • Steep 30° slope sheds moisture and snow quickly and efficiently.
  • G-115 galvanization provides 27% longer life than competitors settling for G-90.
  • ASTM A653 Grade 50 with 50K yield and 65K tensile for the ultimate in strength and durability.
  • Corrugation in flat of roof sheets provides an extra measure of strength.


Live Load 35 lbs/ft2 (1.0 kPa)
Dead Load 3 lbs/ft2 (0.14 kPa)
Wind Load 105 mph (168 kph)

18’ to 24’ (5.49 to 7.32 m) - 3,000 lbs (1,361 kg)
27’ to 30’ (8.23 to 9.14 m) - 5,000 lbs (2,268 kg)
36’ (10.97 m) - 6,000 lbs (2,721 kg)

Commercial Roof Systems Options:

  • Large pre-formed manway roof opening is standard, featuring a hinged lid and big 5.5 sq. ft. (0.51 m2) opening for easy access. Easy-open lid with big beefy hinges lays flat to avoid wind. Seamless extruded collar (inset) with rubber gasket provides moisture-tight seal when closed. Pre-formed opening makes for simpler construction and tight fit.
  • Specially designed 12-gauge eave clipsconnect roof sheets to sidewalls. “Up” position helps exhaust moisture-laden air. “Down” position preferred for long-term storage. Built-in rib stops keep out pesky birds. Continuous eave ring is used in lieu of clips on 54′ (16.46 m) and 60′ (18.28 m) models and are optional on smaller diameters.
  • Extra-tall 3-3/4″ (9.5 cm) stair-stepped ribs are staggered to provide even greater strength. Hemmed drip edge deflects moisture, eliminates sharp edges to reduce injury and strengthens the cross-section of the roof sheet.
  • Large 36″ (91.4 cm) peak opening provides easy filling and optimal access. A roof ladder from the eave to the peak—plus a roof safety ring—are standard on all models. Easy-open removable cap is standard. Heavy-duty cap for spouting is optional.
  • Oversized bridging ring enhances structural integrity. Splice clamps (inset) and expansion bolts ensure ring segments function as one continuous pipe.
  • Well-designed 2.25 sq. ft. (0.686 m2) roof ventsfor maximum airflow. Vent openings are pre-punched for easy construction and tight fit and seals. Vents feature seamless raised lip (inset) for improved integrity and moisture resistance.
  • Peak flashing is formed to the ribs to improve resistance to moisture and birds.
  • Safety ring is a continuous round pipe for safer, easier access to and around the roof cap.
  • Extra-large manway is sized for plenty of shoulder-room and easy maneuverability, even for large-framed farmers wearing cold-weather gear!