Brownie produces sturdy and rugged structures that improve personal safety and ease of access for your grain storage. Image
Brownie produces sturdy and rugged structures that improve personal safety and ease of access for your grain storage.

Brownie towers are designed and approved specifically for your application with round members because they are stronger and create less wind load than angle iron members. If a tower made of angle iron is the same weight as a Brownie tower, then it is NOT of equal strength.

Brownie is also well-respected throughout the industry for its ease of construction. Precision engineering ensures that pieces fit perfectly and bolt holes line up.

Brownie systems are designed to ship efficiently and install quickly and cost-effectively.

Our Products

The Brownie Standard Leg Tower's prefabricated, bolt-together, free-standing design is strength-staged making it an industry leader for stability and dependability.
Boasting easiest assembly in the industry, Brownie's Catwalk Support Towers also claim industry standard stability and protection from shifting grain.
The 2-column support tower from Brownie is available in 6-foot and 8-foot widths as an optional piece of catwalk support equipment.
Available in four grades to accommodate various freespans and conveyor loads, the #6 Catwalk from Brownie is an industry leader in tower walkway systems.
When you need that extra bit of support for heavier loads and longer spans - the Thru-Truss Catwalk by Brownie has you covered!
Suited for most on-farm grain storage and handling systems, Brownie's RS Series Catwalk/Manwalk accommodate rigid freespans up to 69' (catwalk) and 75' (manwalk).
Available in either single bin or double bin configurations, Brownie steel Hopper Bin Substructures are designed to support MFS farm duty hopper tanks.
Brownie's line of grain bin safety equipment includes roof stairs, spiral bin stairs and a roof ladder handrail package with bin cap handrail package for bins and silos of all heights and diameters.
Personal safety and easy accessibility to your storage systems is paramount and exactly why Brownie's stairs and ladders lineup are an industry standard.

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Brownie Head Office
2928 E. Hwy 30
Grand Island, Nebraska, USA

Toll-free (outside NE): 1-800-247-6621
Toll-free (inside NE): 1-800-658-3104
Phone: 1-308-384-9320
Fax: 1-308-382-6954

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