Plant Manager

AGI SureTrack Plant Manager

AGI Suretrack Plant Manager is the result of combining 30+ years of fertilizer system automation functionality. By combining the functionalities of Junge Control and Yargus Manufacturing software suites, we have a unified, comprehensive automation platform that covers all your liquid and dry fertilizer blending needs. Contact your AGI Fertilizer Systems sales representative for more information!


  • Streamlined process for handling VRT loads
  • Automated process for implementing software updates
  • Modernized software suite providing liquid and dry fertilizer blending in one platform
  • Increased ROI due to reduced training efforts and increase employee productivity
  • Seamless integration to multiple ERP solutions reducing most redundant entry point
  • Multiple employees able to operate locations in untimely personnel absences
  • Modernized UI that employees are familiar with
  • Modular design that increases efficiency
  • Dry Fertilizer, Liquid Fertilizer, Grain, Seed, Herbicide
  • All employees trained in one area are familiar with others due to single platform

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