On-Farm Grain Storage Systems

On-farm storage systems that protect valuable grain. And the people who grow it. You’ve invested money, time, intelligence, technology and sweat into your crop.

You deserve an on-farm grain storage system that protects that investment—with no worries. When you add AGI on-farm storage systems to your farm, you can have absolute confidence that your valuable grain will be protected—and that your on-farm storage will provide long-term reliability and performance.

Every AGI system is engineered for strength, safety, easy accessibility, and outstanding value—offering you commercial-grade quality at a competitive price.

The MP+ Roof System offers strength and protection that are the best in the business. You get maximum grain protection, superior strength and reliability that are simply unmatched by any other non-structured roof.
On-farm grain storage bins from AGI are simply the best in the business—with the design details that add value, longevity and reliability to your on-farm grain storage system.
Engineered for optimum protection, ease of use, and outstanding strength and reliability. The perfect solution for grain and seed storage, wet holding in front of a dryer, and load-out tank applications.
Engineered to stand up to daily use & tough conditions AGI Feed Hopper Bins prevent against the elements and protect against moisture damage.

Key features:

  • The strongest, highest-rated roof system in the industry Our roof systems meet the industry’s highest load ratings for wind and snow, for non-structured roofs—and we have the documented engineering data to prove it.
  • G-115 galvanization throughout for longer life Every roof, sidewall and hopper we make uses G-115 galvanization. Industry research indicates that G-115 galvanization can extend the life of the galvanized coating on the bin’s surface by up to 27% over competitors who settle for G-90 galvanization. That means the galvanization on your bin maintains its integrity longer—and that means greater service life, increased reliability, optimal grain protection and a better return on investment for you.
  • Industry-leading bin safety equipment & accessibility From sturdy ladders and stairs to roomy access doors—everything we do is focused on making your grain storage system as safe and easy to use as possible. These features can help you comply with OSHA guidelines.
  • Commercial grade quality at an affordable price Our on-farm storage systems are rugged, reliable and long-lasting—providing outstanding performance and value over the long haul.
  • Innovative design that solves big problems We’ve engineered features that address key issues including personal safety, easier access, resistance to moisture, strength and stability, and reliability and performance over the long haul.
  • Precise engineering for easier construction Bolt holes that line up. Sheets that are sized right and sized consistently. Sensible bundling of materials for easier handling on the job site. It all adds up to savings of time, labor and headaches.