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Trust AGI Tramco with FEED Handling

AGI Tramco offers a complete line of chain conveyors that are an integral part of AGI’s Feed Platform and are designed and fabricated to handle the variety of materials required in most Feed Systems.        

There are many factors to consider when selecting conveyors used in feed mills: material properties, capacity, and the specific application.  AGI Tramco products provide solutions for bulk material handling ranging from delicate products like whole grains and pellets to extreme heavy-duty materials like coal and solid waste. Every AGI Tramco conveyor is specifically designed to meet the customer’s various requirements with the right conveying solution.

AGI recently supplied the material handling equipment for a pea protein processing plant in the United States. AGI Tramco supplied a Bulk-Flo L-Path conveyor with multiple inlets for rail receiving, a long Bulk-Flo L-Path conveyor with a discharge height of 8 metres and a short Model G Conveyor to transfer peas from rail receiving. A Model G conveyor with multiple discharges is used to fill several hopper-bottom storage tanks. A Bulk-Flo S-Path conveyor with a discharge height of 16.7 metres is used to reclaim the pea storage hopper tanks and to transfer them to the processing plant. All conveyors were specified as food-grade. 

AGI Tramco conveyors can work together as a complete solution of chain conveyors, bucket elevators, and enclosed belt conveyors or individually as the customer requires. AGI Tramco conveyors are designed and engineered for success regardless if the task is a complete feed mill or a less complex application of conveying grains into a storage bin.

Here are more details on our chain conveyors:

The AGI TRAMCO MODEL RB Conveyor is specifically designed for the handling of soft stock or materials that are easily crumbled or broken, such as seed, feed, pellets and other fragile materials. All components are jig welded to ensure their interchangeability and are checked for precise fit by the strict AGI Tramco 100% inspection policy. The Model RB is built standard with 10-gauge construction. The U-shaped trough is available in widths of 9" - 12" - 14" and 16". Our "total quality process" means that you can count on years of quiet, trouble-free performance from your AGI Tramco Model RB Conveyor.

The AGI TRAMCO BULK-FLO™ heavy-duty chain conveyor is designed to handle a wide variety of challenging materials such as wet and sticky products, those with varying sizes and densities, and abrasive or corrosive materials. The unsurpassed quality and rugged construction of the BULK-FLO™ conveyor series assures years of dependable service even under the most severe conditions. Each system is individually designed for your specific application from standard components that are welded in jig fixtures to provide interchangeability and smooth operation.

The AGI TRAMCO MODEL G™ is frequently used in such industries as chemical, coal, food, grain, biomass, ethanol, municipal solid waste, mining, plastic, paper, pulp, and rubber. The Model G En-Masse Conveyor is designed to handle the most extreme applications ensuring uncomplicated solutions for years. Welded jig-fitted parts and fully bolted construction yields a precise fit and interchangeability of components.


AGI Tramco manufactures premier bulk material handling equipment primarily for the grain and oilseed processing industry and has held a reputation for designing and producing reliable ...