AGI BinManager provides a zero-entry solution.

Technology on the farm means more than wider profit margins, data collection and labor reduction. Today’s technology has the capacity to elevate safety — and AGI BinManager is at the top of the list. Each year, the number of grain entrapment deaths rise – a statistic that AGI, along with the rest of the agriculture community, is taking measures to reduce. AGI BinManager is your next step to bin safety.

Grain bin entry hazards avoided with AGI BinManager:
AGI BinManager safety means: 

Zero-entry grain bin management: Never enter a full, partially full or filling grain bin again. 
Real-time cable and sensor readings: There’s no need to manually probe grain — data is captured and reported directly to the online dashboard. 
Maintenance-free operation: AGI BinManager requires no in-bin maintenance and, should a mechanical problem arise, our team of service technicians and customer service representatives will identify and quickly correct the problem.

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