Providing Industry Leading Customer Experience


AGI EMEA – Providing Industry Leading Customer Experience

AGI EMEA is one of Europe’s largest and most respected manufacturers, delivering custom systems and solutions across a range of applications and industries, from small farms to industry grain traders, millers, feed mills and large port facilities. With installations in over 80 countries and various climate conditions from Africa, the Middle East, Europe, Ukraine and Russia, they understand the various needs and requirements each customer may have for their project.

Their broad inventory of products includes catwalks, ladders, platforms, bucket elevators, chain conveyors, temperature sensing, sweeps, weighing, bagging and dryers. While people may be aware of AGI’s experience and equipment, it is their customer experience that sets them apart from their competitors.

Central to AGI’s focus on the customer experience, is the emphasis they place on having an industry leading engineering team. It’s this deep engineering expertise that enables them to serve as a trusted partner as they assist clients from first drawings to final installations. AGI EMEA’s engineering capabilities extend across all facets of system and equipment design, mechanical handling, customization and integration. Currently, the team consists of highly experienced engineers who use state of art technologies and manufacturing to tailor the ideal grain solution for each customer.

The AGI EMEA headquarters in Bologna, Italy has three, newly renovated manufacturing facilities to serve their customers from around the world. This investment in manufacturing facilities has yielded significant benefits for their customers. AGI EMEA has focused on increasing the automation of production activities, recognizing that steady, repetitive production yields consistency in quality and improved traceability. AGI EMEA is now producing at higher capacities, meeting demand and reaching customers faster.

AGI EMEA strives to not only create custom solutions for their customers but also provides training, safety and leading practices for grain management. Without exception, the safety of AGI employees and their customers is their top priority. All innovation has been undertaken with a focus on not only adhering to the highest safety standards but contributing to leading class practices for safety in the grain management industry. This emphasis on safety can be seen in the safety practices employed in the new manufacturing facilities. Additionally, safety education and training are continually provided to employees and customers across all facilities and new projects. AGI EMEA products are CE certified, which means they conform with health, safety, and environmental protection standards for products sold within the European Economic Area

As a company that prioritizes innovation and providing industry leading customer experience, AGI EMEA is truly excited for the future. They are excited to continue moving the dial forward on effective grain storage and handling solutions. On a macro scale, AGI EMEA is playing an ever-increasing role on the global stage. On a customer basis, AGI EMEA is proud to partner with their customers and be trusted advisors to help them reach goals that were previously unattainable. This customer relationship is what drives their commitment to always further the customer experience they provide.

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