Special Pricing on AGI BinManager®
Make your operation more efficient
Protect what you've produced
Maximize profits with automation
Save on energy costs

How do I know this really works? 

Our AGI BinManager® has a proven track record of success with 15+ years of experience and over 2,700 users currently 

Is there a subscription fee? 

Yes, for an annual fee you’ll get dedicated customer service, lab tests, software upgrades and more. Plus the annual ROI you’ll receive will more than cover the cost of the subscription 

I already have a dryer and condition my grain appropriately, do I really need a monitoring system? 

Using AGI BinManager® allows you to properly maintain your hard work so it’s properly kept and stays safe. In addition, using a dryer for proper weight and condition, getting those last couple of points out of your grain, can be very expensive

Is the software hard to use? 

Not at all, the AGI SureTrack™ platform seamlessly integrates with the AGI BinManager® system and makes monitoring your bins painless. In addition, you’ll get an assigned AGI coach to walk you through everything and assist you with any questions that may come up 

What if I have a competitive product? 

Are you happy with your current provider? Does it give you all the capabilities and support you need? With AGI’s Bin Monitoring solution you’ll have the system and support to reach your goals. On top of that, we’ll offer you a trade-in discount

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