AGI provides farm customers with the largest catalog of products, solutions, and systems across the globe.

Manufactures portable belt conveyors used in storage and handling of seed, grain and fertilizer, as well as custom conveyor solutions. Ideal where gentle handling of the product is required.
High-quality catwalks, conveyor support systems, and leg support towers for grain and bulk handling. Precision engineered, they are the strongest structural systems on the market.
Grain Guard offers aeration equipment and low temperature heaters. Grain Guard provides proven solutions for natural air drying and conditioning of stored grain.
A leading manufacturer and distributor of pre-engineered wastewater treatment systems available worldwide for the treatment of domestic, industrial and livestock waste.
Industry-leading manufacturer of grain handling products including the AGI GrainVac, GrainVac VR12, and GrainVac VRX.
Grain handling equipment including portable and stationary augers and conveyors, bin unloads, and closed-loop grain pump systems for on-farm and commercial applications.
Effectively manage inventories and find resources when needed. Powerful data is within reach to help you select seed, make irrigation and field management decisions, manage and market grain.
With 20 years of experience serving farmers, AGI KEHO is your top choice for air drying in three ways: aeration, natural air drying and pressure curing.

Mayrath is a leading manufacturer of portable grain auger and conveying systems, specializing in swing away, top drive and in-line portable grain augers.
On-farm and commercial grain storage solutions including high performance galvanized storage bins in both flat bottom and hopper bottom models, and related accessories.
Market-leading grain dryers and aeration equipment for on-farm and commercial applications worldwide.
The STORM (Seed Treatment Optimized Rate Metering) is a convenient, efficient and integrated system specifically designed to maximize return and take the guesswork out of the seed treatment application process.
Completely-integrated grain drying and storage solutions provide customers with a drying bin, cooling bin, and storage bin combined into one precision-engineered package.
A leading Western Canadian manufacturer of roll-formed, corrugated grain storage bins, in both flat bottom and hopper bottom models.
On-farm and commercial grain handling and storage solutions, as well as storage and containment systems to meet the needs of the petroleum, water and industrial sectors. Available worldwide.
The leading North American manufacturer of portable grain augers. Established in 1950, Westfield produces an extensive line of grain augers and bin unloading equipment.
Wheatheart was established in 1973 and offers portable grain augers including specialized self-propelled options, grain-handling accessories as well as fencing equipment.
Grain and material handling systems, including bucket elevators, en-masses conveyors and incline drag conveyors, as well as custom-designed handling solutions for small farm to industrial operations.