Analog Grain Temperature Monitoring Analog Grain Temperature Monitoring


Industry Leading Grain Temperature Systems – Your Bridge to the Digital Age!

Grain temperature monitoring and protection systems are available to provide early detection of problems before significant damage or product waste can occur. Using analog (thermocouple) cables suspended from the roof structure of the grain bin, the interior temperature of the grain mass can be effectively monitored and prompt action can be taken if needed.

  • Seamlessly integrates thermocouples into the CMC digital HazMon network
  • Easy phased approach to upgrading to more accurate digital cables
  • Eliminates secondary, legacy scanners and brings data into plant PLC
  • Vastly improved data scan times - read thousands of thermocouples in minutes
  • Your bridge from analog to digital technology!


The mTC002 thermocouple converter is an application specific controller, designed to convert type T thermocouples to CMC’s Single Wire, Digital IS Network. The device converts up to 168 type T thermocouples into absolute temperature values in degrees Celsius. It uses only 1 device address by multiplexing the 168 temperatures into a single word. Full protection is provided for transient electrical conditions on the thermocouple inputs.

The mTC002 thermocouple converter connects to the Single Wire, Digital IS Network using 110 punch down terminals for fast, secure terminations. One input and two output connections are provided complete with branch disconnect switches.

The mTC002 is a key part of The Grain Ranger™ family of products, enabling a stepped migration from analog to digital cables at a pace that suits the budget and timeline of the user.

The mTC002 must be used with the mBC083 Bus Converter to be considered Intrinsically Safe (IS).

  • Reads up to 168, type T thermocouples in 24 groups of 7
  • Intrinsically Safe when part of CMC’s single wire digital HazMon network
  • Update rate of 8.5 minutes for all 168 thermocouples
  • Device status and ambient temperature also reported
  • Automatic detection of open thermocouples
  • No calibration is required