The Grain Ranger™ The Grain Ranger™


Digital Grain Management - Advanced Solutions For Stored Grain Management

Once it has been harvested and transported to the storage location, whether on-farm or to a commercial elevator, grain represents a significant investment of both time and money.  Proper grain management through careful storage and drying is critical to protecting your investment.

CMC can help.  With the NEW Grain Ranger™ we provide the digital network, digital cable and components, as well as the intuitive WS2-GM controller to help you successfully manage your stored grain.  The Grain Ranger™ system has the capability to interface with legacy analog cables as well as newer digital cables.  Our goal is to make it straightforward for you to monitor and manage your grain using your existing grain cable network and to provide a cost-effective migration pathway towards a state-of-the-art digital cable network.

The Grain Ranger™ provides an advanced solution for managing your stored grain.  An innovative system that can communicate with any commercial grain cable on the market and reliably output accurate data with which you can make informed decisions on your stored asset.  

  • Seamlessly bridge from analog (thermocouple) to digital technology, economically
  • No punitive software contracts or hidden fees - hassle free
  • Locally hosted on your own network for a more secure solution
  • No PCs or servers required for data storage - reduces maintenance
  • Cost savings through easy implementation - no PLC/HMI programming required

The Brain in The Grain Ranger system is the WS2-GM.  This advanced controller can communicate with both analog and digital cables and provides intuitive user screens with no programming required!

Next up in the Grain Ranger family is the mDC001.  This is the digital grain cable interconnect box and can take in up 8 cables in a clean, efficient plug and play module.  No more tangled rats nest mazes inside mux boxes to try to troubleshoot and maintain.

For legacy analog cables, the mTC002 is the gateway into the Grain Ranger digital network.  This field tested system component enables up to 168 sensors to be connected.  

The Grain Ranger can communicate with all digital cables, all analog cables, or a combination of both.  This enables you to migrate to the accuracy and reliability of a digital grain management system at the pace your budget allows.  

The newest member in The Grain Ranger family is the new GRDC1 cable. Rugged digital cable with a stainless steel head and tail housed in a tough protective jacket with steel core for added durability.  GRDC1 cables can be programmed at the factory or onsite with bin and cable number information. 

The Grain Ranger will improve your facility’s grain management resulting in reduced energy consumption, shrink and spoilage throughout the storage cycle.  Have peace of mind by knowing what’s happening inside the bin, no more guess work.  Improved labor utilization with real time dashboards at your PC, tablet or cell phone and keep your people out of the bins.

Advanced Solutions for Grain Storage Management

  • Communicates with most commercial grain temperature cables on the market
  • Seamlessly bridge from legacy analog to digital technology – economically
  • No punitive software contracts or hidden fees – hassle free
  • Data is locally hosted on your own network – a more secure solution
  • Easy implementation and configuration – no PLC/HMI programming required
  • No PC’s or servers required for data storage – reduced maintenance
  • WS2-GM can read 1024 cables, up to 256 bins
  • Rugged, industrial-duty digital cable – accurate to +/- 2⁰F
  • Each mDC001 digital cable module plug and play up to 8 cables