mBC083 Intrinsically Safe Bus Converter


The mBC083 Intrinsically Safe Bus Converter is an industrial device mounted in a rugged, cast aluminum enclosure complete with a glass cover for easy viewing of the device status indicators.

The mBC083 is used to connect up to 32 single-wire bus sensors to a Modbus 485 RTU compatible PLC or HMI system.

The bus converter is powered by an industry standard 24VDC power source.

The Modbus RTU network is fully isolated improving noise immunity and eliminating voltage drop issues. A complete diagnostic and configuration system is included with the Modbus RTU interface.

Each digital sensor has a unique serial number. These sensors connect to a sensor bus for local area communications up to 300m (1000’).  The sensor bus has a fully specified cabling system complete with terminal assemblies and uses low cost CAT5 cabling and punch down blocks for easy termination.  The bus is Intrinsically Safe and does not require explosion proof terminal cabinets, conduit or junction boxes. Low cost direct burial CAT5 cable is recommended.

Configuration of the single-wire sensors can be accomplished over the Modbus 485 RTU bus.  On command, the bus converter will automatically acquire the sensor serial numbers for easy setup.

Connection to the sensor bus is through a field replaceable 1m (3’) cable with an industrial RJ-11 connector.

Typical Applications

Facilities monitoring for shaft speed, bearing temperatures, belt misalignment, motor temperature and vibration in grain processing, feed, milling, bulk materials handling, and general industrial applications. 

  • Rugged cast aluminum enclosure with glass window
  • Safe at-a-glance viewing of device and network status
  • Electronics on a single board, can be removed without interrupting network
  • Sensor bus output is rated Intrinsically safe for Class I, Groups C & D, Division 1 and 2, Class II, Groups E,F & G, Divisions 1 & 2 as well as ATEX and IECEx Zones 0, 1 & 2 and Zones 20, 21 & 22.
  • Rugged enclosure is rated for Class I, Groups B, C & D, Division 1 & 2, Class II, III, Groups E, F & G, Division 1 & 2, in addition, the enclosure is also rated for Zones 1 & 2 and Zones 21 & 22 for both ATEX and IECEx locations.