Portable Conveyors

Capacity rated at 14,000 bu/hr, Batco's 2400 Series Belt Conveyor can be custom configured to fit almost any requirement!
The 2000 Series Belt Conveyor from Batco features 1-15/16 inch shafts and bearings, as well as cable or steel trussing for heavy duty performance.
Featuring Pinch S-Drive, Top Drive and Pinch Top Drive options, the versatile 1500 Series Belt Conveyor by Batco gets the job done!
Available for the 65-inch to 120-inch 1500, 2000 and 2400 Series belt conveyors, Batco's low-profile transfer Swing Away comes standard with a hydraulic winch for optimal performance.
Durable and low maintenance, the high capacity Transfer Conveyors from Batco provide gentle handling with easy-clean convenience.
Batco's custom Bag Handling System transports 100-lb bags for ground level or dock height warehouse operations.
Protecting your grain from the weather and handling, Batco's Underbin Conveyors have got you covered from start to finish.
Designed to eliminate spillage, dust and carry-back for environmentally safe loading of fertilizer. It is engineered and constructed by Yargus Layco for years of dependable use.
Available in 12- to 30-inch widths and 20 to 90 foot lengths. Environmental features include power brushes, return pans, enclosed deflectors and roof hatches to eliminate dust and spillage of fertilizer.
Yargus' Cross Auger is an economical option for warehouse loading applications.