Field Loaders

High-capacity and low maintenance grain handling alternatives for conventional systems.

You can expect exceptional performance and protection with Batco's 2400 Series Field Loaders that can move grain at up to 14,000 bph capacity!
With 14,000 bph capacity, the ability to reach under a 28-inch diameter hopper bin, and optional heavy duty mover - Batco's FX 2045 Series Field Loader gets the job done right!
Available in 35' or 45' lengths, Batco's FX 1500 Series Field Loaders has 9,000 bu/hr capacity, improved handling and optional heavy-duty mover for maximum efficiency.
Batco's best field loader yet, the BCX2 1500 Series have been optimized for maintenance, containment and speed can't be beat!
With the 1800 and 2400 series Pitstop from Batco you get gentle handling and quick, convenient unloading with fast grain flow and better grain containment.
Suited to above-track loading, the 2400 Series Railcar Unloader from Batco has an ultra low hopper for precise applications.
The Yargus Field Loader is designed with a heavy duty undercarriage and conveyor frame to meet the challenge of conveying lime or fertilizer in the field.