Batch Blenders

For durability, low maintenance, and the fastest options for batch blending today. 

Laycote Batch Blender liquid impregnation systems add-ons for existing Layco Blend Systems: Declining Weight Blender, Rotary Drum Blender and Tapered Vertical Blender.
An automated Powder Coating System designed to accurately deliver powders onto dry blends utilizing a low product sensor, screw auger monitoring and a unique airvibe system.
The LAYCOTE Automated Coating System comes in 200 and 400 Series models that allows for coating at a rate of 200 US TPH and up to 400 US TPH (181 mt/hr– 362 mt/hr).
Yargus Rotary Drum Blend Systems feature the fastest discharge rate in the industry -
four tons per minute - and an extra large flared opening for easier, faster, cleaner loading.
With an innovative flat-front design, larger loader hopper and lower center of gravity for improved stability, Yargus' Vertical Batch Blending System provides consistent blends.