Underbin Conveyor Underbin Conveyor


Available in 1300 Series (13" belt) and 1500 Series (15" belt) with 10" tube diameter.

Features & Options:

  • Standard lengths are 18' to 138' 
  • Electric Drives available in: Top Drive, Pinch Top Drive and Pinch S-Drive on head or tail end
  • Square or round poly hood spout included
  • Underbin tail ends can be either sealed hopper lid for continuous protection or collapsible hopper intake for easy filling
  • Bolt-on bin inlet hopper with adjustable skirting included for a proper seal at any distance
  • Belt return comes standard with weather guards. Enclosed underside panels are also available for extra protection.
  • Optional elevating transition unit adds a minimum of 33" of height 
  • Optional steel hood spout
  • Optional stainless steel tubing, rollers, shafting and ends

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