Around the world, through leadership in both farm and commercial applications, AGI is unsurpassed in providing grain handling, storage and conditioning solutions. AGI’s equipment portfolio includes world-leading brands in portable and permanent grain handling, storage and conditioning equipment including augers, belt conveyors, grain storage bins, grain handling accessories, grain aeration equipment and grain drying systems.

Design, manufacturing, and installation of handling and storage components and solutions for both farm and commercial needs. Image
Design, manufacturing, and installation of handling and storage components and solutions for both farm and commercial needs.

With over 160 years of proven success, AGI’s world class brands include Hi Roller, Westeel, Westfield, Frame, NECO, Tramco, PTM, Batco and many more. AGI has manufacturing and distribution facilities globally and can provide everything from a single product on farm to a fully customized commercial grain system scaled to your business needs.

Grain Systems and Solutions

AGI is focused on exceptional quality, ease of installation, durability and flexibility across our full range of grain storage solutions including corrugated and smoothwall bins, flat-bottom and hopper-bottom bins. AGI aeration and conditioning equipment includes axial and centrifugal fans, industrial fans, Rocket Aeration systems, AIRAUGER systems, vents and exhausters, and aeration floors.
AGI grain structures include machine and supporting towers, heavy duty catwalks, ladders, and staircase structures that enhance your grain life-cycle maintenance needs and systems. AGI structures also feature galvanized and bolted construction which allows for ease of assembly on site. All AGI grain structures can be scaled for unique customer needs.
AGI remains the largest manufacturer of handling equipment globally. Through our range of premier brands including Hi Roller, Westfield, Batco, Tramco, and PTM, AGI has become a core component in the world’s food infrastructure with portable and permanent handling solutions that solve challenges for all customers.
AGI grain processing solutions enable the proper conditions for grain storage while minimizing spoilage. AGI’s storage solutions combined with innovative aeration systems provide controlled environments for grain after harvest.
AGI customers want to ensure the health of their grain as well as the safety of their operations at all times, which is why AGI provides innovative grain monitoring sensors and controls. We recognize and understand that proper grain management at every stage is critical to success.

AGI’s global presence in grain handling and storage has allowed us to continually advance our products, solutions, and technology through research and design. Our global network of engineers are here to provide solutions and total systems that scale to your business needs.
AGI is readily available to provide project management support to our customers. With deep knowledge and experience in managing complete installations and builds AGI supports our customers by deploying highly skilled teams to different locations all across the world.

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