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AGI Brasil Candido Mota Manufacturing Facility

AGI Brasil is a leading manufacturer of grain storage, handling and conditioning equipment. Specifically, manufacturing grain bins, bucket elevators, dryers and cleaners.

AGI Brasil differentiates itself by providing cutting edge products and service that ensures quality and safety.

For efficient grain drying, the AGI Grain Dryer's robust structure is designed to optimize the drying process and preserve grain quality. Finished with galvanized sheets for longevity and flexibility.
The AGI Furnace maximizes fuel energy in a large‐capacity cast iron grill with a direct air system that forces hot air through the brick tunnel and the spark capture system, and is directed towards the dryer.
The AGI Spark Capture System prevents sparks from the furnace reaching the internal part of the dryer. It takes in external air at the bottom, captures any sparks in the air in the middle system, and directs air toward the dryer in the upper system.
High quality and extremely robust, the AGI open Pre‐cleaning and Post‐Cleaning Units
are flexible and easy to maintain and repair, and are designed for safe usage during filter changes.
For hauling grain vertically, the AGI Bucket Elevator is modular, made from galvanized steel for external applications, and is available in different sizes and motor types to accommodate your grain loading needs.
The AGI Helicoidal Screw Conveyor is used for continuous horizontal or diagonal one‐directional or reversible grain conveyance. The whole system is sealed to avoid any dust emissions and is made of galvanized steel to extend its lifespan.
Designed for continuous horizontal or diagonal one‐way or reversible grain transportation, the AGI Conveyor Belt is constructed of galvanized steel and is sealed to prevent damp and dust.
Designed for continuous horizontal or diagonal one‐way or reversible grain transportation, the AGI Open Belt Conveyor is constructed with a robust drive system and loading conveyor that can be fixed or mobile.
The AGI Sweep Auger is designed to unload grain stored in the silo. It uses self‐lubricating plugs and protected bearings for added durability. Its modular design can be installed in a silo of any size.

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