#6 Catwalk #6 Catwalk


The #6 Catwalk from Brownie is available in four grades—6A, 6B, 6C and 6D—to accommodate various freespans and conveyor loads.

  • Rigid double-truss design with minimal deflection
  • Computer engineered for freespans up to 120′
  • Different grades to fit your specific application
  • Capable of conveyor loads to 700 lbs per foot
  • Conveyor mounting areas up to 6′
  • 6A and 6B: 20″, 30″, 44″ and 60″
  • 6C and 6D: 30″, 44″, 60″ and 72″
  • Enlarged drop-through openings
  • Knock-down design for economical shipping
  • 3′, 6′, 9′ and 18′ sections available
  • Optional catwalk walk-arounds are available


Standard features for all Brownie catwalks include:

  • Rated for 90 mph winds or higher
  • 24″ galvanized safety grip walkway for secure footing with built-in toeboard
  • Optional stairway on walkway for 27° to 50° inclines
  • Optional full floor walkway
  • Meets or exceeds OSHA/ANSI standards
  • High-tensile tubular steel construction
  • 42″ high handrails
  • Velvet gray polyester powdercoat finish for attractiveness and durability
  • Option galvanized finish or custom colors available at additional cost
  • Easy assembly
  • Includes all hardware necessary to assemble sections
  • Optional stairway on walkway for 30 degree to 50 degree inclines


The MAXIMUM ALLOWABLE CATWALK LOADS and freespans for catwalks and catwalks with full floor walkways are listed in these US CUSTOMARY UNITS charts. The loads are the total weight of the conveyor plugged with grain.

It is not necessary to subtract personnel or snow load from these values.

These loads do not include concentrated loads located in the mid span of the catwalk. If there is a concentrated load on the catwalk, contact Brownie Systems for assistance selecting the appropriate catwalk.

Free span chart in US customary units:

Free span chart in metric units:

The maximum allowable loads listed in these METRIC UNITS charts are the total weight of the conveyor plugged with grain.

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