Helicoidal Screw Conveyor Helicoidal Screw Conveyor


The Helicoidal Screw Conveyor has been designed for continuous horizontal or diagonal one‐directional or reversible grain conveyance. It is a modular system, comprised of:

  • entrance module – which houses the product feed nozzle;
  • intermediary modules;
  • and a release module – which contains the drive motor reducer and discharge spout.

The Helicoidal Screw Conveyor system enables the cereal to be loaded both through the inlet nozzle any others installed in the intermediary module. It also contains an intermediary discharge system with additional release spouts.

The equipment can be provided with a reversible flow, which allows grain to
be released in both directions. It can also be equipped with a left or right screw system than means it is possible to receive the product from both sides, offering a central release area. The whole system is sealed to avoid any dust emissions. The outer casing is made of galvanized painted sheets, which extend its lifespan, irrespective of where it is located or of any extreme weather conditions it is subject to.

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