Bucket Elevator Bucket Elevator


The AGI Bucket Elevator has been developed to haul grain vertically. It is modular and composed of:

  • a base – containing two entrance nozzles for cereal;
  • the drum cage – containing a device to clean impurities and the
    manual mechanical stretcher;
  • the head – which holds the maintenance platform;
  • motor reducer;
  • counter system (with a direct‐drive option for the motor reducer) and
    release spout.

The intermediary section includes an inspection window for viewing the buckets and conveyor belts for maintenance purposes.

Depending on the elevator capacity, two types of motor reducer can be
used. A small motor (light), which is installed using a hollow shaft with a torque arm, or a large motor (heavy), which is installed using a self‐supporting structure that is joined to the drive drum.

The exterior is covered with galvanized sheets that protect and extend the unit’s lifespan, and enable the unit to be installed in different external environments that open to extreme weather conditions. The equipment has intermediary rest platforms at six or eight‐meter intervals.

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