Spark Capture System


The AGI Spark Capture System has been designed to prevent sparks from the furnace reaching the internal part of the dryer. It has a modular design with a directional system that takes in external air at the bottom. In the
middle is a cyclonic intermediary system that captures any sparks in the air, and it has an upper system that directs air towards the dryer.

The complete design is soldered and sealed, which prevents any hot air from escaping. It can also be adapted to any kind of dryer.

The circulated air forms a spiral, and is pushed towardsthe entry point. Rotating both clockwise and anti‐clockwise, working with inertia, the heaviest particles are shifted to the edges of the unit, capturing any sparks that have been produced.

It is designed for indoor use only. Easy to put together, no winch is needed thanks to the modular system. The equipment has mobile pressure rings that are fitted externally and collect the ash discarded by the cyclonic system.

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