Elevated Silo Elevated Silo


The Elevated Silo has been designed to store humid grain for rapid unloading. It is formed from several components:

  • ceiling – where the product entry point and vents for
    improved air circulation are located;
  • the main body – built from corrugated sheets and vertical struts, in which the grain is stored;
  • a funnel – contains the discharge nozzle (manually activated) for the product;
  • aeration system – formed from a collection of ducts, and activated by a
    centrifugal fan;
  • support structure – fully strengthened and constructed in a “W” format.

The Elevated Silo is available in a variety of diameters, heights and ventilation formats to meet every need and application. Fan strength can also be customized. Any kind of transporter can be used for unloading. It is designed for outdoor use, and, therefore, protects the grain from all types of weather.

Installation is simple, thanks to the ability to screw the funnel and structure together.

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