LAYCOTE 200/400 Liquid Coating System LAYCOTE 200/400 Liquid Coating System


The LAYCOTE 200 Liquid Coating System integrates easily into the Layco Automated Blending System or can be used as a separate coating system to provide fast efficient coating for bulk storage or into a bagging system.

  • PLC Controlled full integration automation and reporting through Layco Automation technology
  • Ribbon mixing auger 

The LAYCOTE 400 Dual Ribbon Auger High-Capacity Coating System is designed to mix fertilizers and coat liquids and powders quickly and effectively in a continuous blending or coating process.

  • Multiple spray point configuration for quick and effective coating
  • Dual mixing auger accommodates higher capacities while maintaining quality blend

Layco Pro Automation

  • Yargus in-house technicians write software code to control systems
  • Ability to customize every system
  • Full integration/ Automation/ Reporting

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