Illinois, Fertilizer Facility

Galva, Illinois Fertilizer Facility Image
Galva, Illinois Fertilizer Facility


Project Name: Nutrien Ag Solutions, Fertilizer Facility

Galva, Illinois

North America

Client Crops/Products:
Dry Fertilizer Equipment from Yargus, Liquid Fertilizer Handling from Junge Control

AGI Platform: Fertilizer

AGI Component(s):
Storage, Handling, Engineering, Project Management

AGI Products and Services: Yargus, Junge


Nutrien Ag Solutions wanted to improve efficiencies by adding a green field location in Galva, Illinois. AGI Yargus and Junge worked with a Nutrien Ag Solutions team, which included the Division Manager and Construction Management Department to lay out the best design for dry fertilizer and liquid handling solutions.    


200 TPH Receiving System with a 300 TPH Declining Weight System and Loadout, consisting of:

  • 304 Stainless Steel Enclosed Chain paddle, leading to a 135 Foot long Overbin Tripper Belt Conveyor with a 24-inch belt width
  • Four 12-ton Declining Weight Bins over a Flat Wire Chain Metering System
  • One 1.5-ton Declining Weight Micro Bin with Micro Rotary Valve Metering System
  • 2 Liquid Impregnation Systems.
  • Declining Weight Control Panel with custom integration to agronomy software
  • Remote Loader Control with iPad Control System
  • Underbin Auger leading to 35-foot Loadout Conveyor with 36-inch belt width

Dry Fertilizer Solution

We designed the equipment at the most efficient speed for maximizing performance.  The receiving system is rated at 200TPH, allowing a semi-truck to unload in 10 minutes while the Declining Weight (DW) System is rated at 300TPH and can load a truck in 5 to 10 minutes.  Nutrien chose the DW System on the loadout equipment based on its speed. The DW System includes the automation package in the blend system, a benefit of partnering with AGI Yargus.  We interface directly with the Nutrien ARS program to allow tickets to self-populate in our program to eliminate human error.  Nutrien also has the capabilities to see how much product has run through each hopper to track inventory on a daily, weekly, monthly or yearly basis. The AGI Yargus solution met Nutrien's need for speed while providing world-class inventory tracking.

Liquid Fertilizer Solution

AGI Junge Control was tasked with providing a state-of-the-art, fully automated liquid fertilizer, bulk chemical & micronutrient system. Fertilizers and water are handled through an NTEP certified Emerson Micro-Motion mass meter system. Nutritional products are segregated to not contaminate the loadout system through separate loadout lines. AGI Junge Control's 125 Gallon NTEP certified weigh system is designed to handle bulk chemicals, micronutrient and chemical shuttles including rinse aid tanks that are all injected into the loadout lines using a venturi by-pass system. The automated pallet loading system is on an NTEP certified pallet scale and is connected to the software system. The system is fully automated with state of the art software that maintains information from all systems to the software database. The automatic adjust free-fall feature is integrated into the blending and billing program. AGI Junge Control software maintains the database inventory usage by day, product and customer.

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