Declining Weight Blend System Declining Weight Blend System


If your fertilizer needs require a faster, more accurate blend system, your best choice is the Layco Declining Weight Blend System.

This system is superior to other multi-feed blender systems because it features stainless steel rotary valves to meter the product and the PLC computer to control your NPKs, resulting in a better fertilizer blend.

Once the blend formulation is entered into the electronic keypad, the PLC computer sends the rate information to the proper rotors, then continuously monitors the RPMs to ensure accurate blends. Use of the rotary valve makes the Layco Declining Weight Blend System easy to clean and service.

The Layco Declining Weight Blend System is another in a long line of innovative Layco blend systems designed for reliability and ease of maintenance, built for quality and durability, and backed by a reputation for excellent service and parts.

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