Lo Roller Conveyor® Lo Roller Conveyor®


The perfect fit when space limitations are a problem

The Lo Roller® Conveyor is an inexpensive, low capacity conveyor. It is the perfect fit when space limitations are a problem. The Lo Roller® utilizes flat idlers for belt load support and UHMW lined side slides for belt edge support. The design provides a continuous seal along the belt edge for the entire length of the conveyor.

The Perfect Solution
As with all Hi Roller® conveyors, the Lo Roller® is custom designed and built to your specific requirements. Hi Roller® will assist you to determine the best combination of performance and cost to provide you with the safest, most cost effective solution to suit your needs today and in the future.

  • Standard of the industry.
  • Unique, totally enclosed belt conveyors contains dust and spilled materials which automatically reload back onto the belt.
  • Will outwear and outlast competing conveyors
  • Takes less power to operate than competitive models
  • Takes less maintenance than competitive model

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