Hi Life® Enclosed Belt Conveyor Hi Life® Enclosed Belt Conveyor


The heaviest duty, highest capacity and longest life enclosed conveyor available.

Ideal for handling large capacities and continuous plant feed applications that run 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Resembling a conventional conveyor idler, the Hi Life® idler is much thicker, the bearings are much larger and there are no brackets or bearings exposed to the internal atmosphere of the conveyor housing. Considered the industries best conveyor for handling abrasive products.

The Perfect Solution
As with all Hi Roller® conveyors, the Hi Life® is custom designed and built to your specific requirements. Hi Roller® will assist you to determine the best combination of performance and cost to provide you with the safest, most cost effective solution to suit your needs today and in the future.

  • Features a flat carrying idler that operates independently of the cantilever idlers which eliminates belt slippage and extends belt and idler life.
  • Idlers are easily removable for replacement.
  • Flat carrier idler is easily adjustable for alignment
  • Patented idler design that resembles the trough configuration of a conventional conveyor.
  • No ledges or brackets for material to build up
  • No internal brackets for product to build up on
  • No exposed internal bearings
  • No exposed internal seals
  • Totally enclosed
  • Bottom lined with Antistatic UHMW plastic
  • Self-cleaning
  • Unique fastening system allows the UHMW Bottom Liner to remain flat even though it may expand or contract due to variations in temperature
  • Easily removable covers for inspection and maintenance
  • Easily removable side mounted inspection doors

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