HMC008 Basic Conveyor Leg Kit/Elevator Kit No Speed HMC008 Basic Conveyor Leg Kit/Elevator Kit No Speed


CMC is taking the Hassle out of HazMon on belt conveyors and bucket elevators!

Included in this kit are all of the components required to install hazard monitoring sensors on a basic belt conveyor or bucket elevator. Sensors supplied in this kit: 4 intrinsically safe temperature sensors for monitoring the bearings and 4 brass rub sensors and brass rub blocks for belt misalignment monitoring. All hardware, cable protection and mounting brackets are also included in this HazMon-In-A-Box kit.

HazMon-In-A-Box Kit HMC008 kit includes:

  • 4 Bearing Sensors and Mounting Kits
  • 4 Belt Misalignment Sensors
  • 4 Hinged Door Assemblies
  • 4 Brass Rub Blocks
  • 4 Field Interconnect Boxes
  • All Conduit, Connectors, and Hardware Required for Installation

This kit is also available for use on Hi Roller conveyors or with stainless steel components for use in corrosive environments such as fertilizer plants.

Fertilizer production involves the use of machinery such as screeners, mixers, conveyors, and bucket elevators and is unique in that the process is very corrosive and as a result can be expensive to monitor.  Fertilizer dust monitoring is key along with monitoring the critical points on each machine to ensure process efficiency and plant safety.

CMC, as part of its commitment to protecting human life and property, has developed a full line of Hazard Monitoring sensors and hardware components made from stainless steel. These sensors are designed to operate in fertilizer production facilities, and being manufactured from stainless steel, they will provide a corrosion-resistant sensing solution to the problem of monitoring machinery in such a harsh environment.

When requesting a quote please specify Hi Roller, or Stainless Steel Components should you need them.

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